[svlug] Root Android tablet hw & run Linux Distro (KUbuntu, Debian, ?) Howto? ; gre

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sun Oct 30 16:32:15 PST 2011

Anyone know howto Root the Android tablet hw & run a Linux Distro, such
as KUbuntu, Ubuntu, Debian, or some other?

I have searched & found some info, some of it conflicting, so I'm
looking to hear here from someone
1) preferably who has actually done this, with practical experience
2) otherwise, & just as fine to me, someone knowledgeable about how to
do this.

Any an all helpful suggestions/comments welcome - even if you haven't
rooted a tablet, or android cell phone.

Google: "lenovo bootloader unlocked"  "lenovo tablet root"

Android 3 hw based tablets have been selling recently for $300-350 on
sale in the bay area
typically about $100 off MSRP.
Lenovo, Acer, Asus?  BestBuy, Frys, Target.

These mostly have the NVidia tegra 2 ARM processor, dual core, GPU, 1GB

I'm interested in the 10" tablets, which often have Android 3 on them
for $300+, 
or android 2 on them for about $200, with a single core processor & 512

Todays 1 day sunday sale   Acer 10.1" Tablet HoneyComb 3.0 16GB   $350
  Mfr: ACER         Model: A-500-10S16u
  FRYS.com #6639484         UPC: 884483917488 

Last week I got the Lenovo 32GB ssd 1GB RAM tablet on sale at frys, $330
down from $400.


I now have 7 days left to decide to keep or return it.  
I really only want to keep it if I can get a linux distro running on it.

http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/tablet/ideapad/  K1 - I have this
http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/tablet/thinkpad/ - business oriented 
http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/ - shows tablet selections

It runs google maps/earth app nicely fast.

But, the software is crappy, & has _tons_ of bloatware.

Ex: web browser has only 10 tabs capable in only one "window".
No noscript. No flashblock. No adblockplus.
No easy sw package management tool.
System Fonts are way too large (super tiny fonts = see more info on the
screen = I like).
Geez.   :(

I basically want to do web browsing, save web pages, write stuff, take
pictures, & easily transfer it to my KUbuntu desktop or laptop.

Basically, I'd like a KUbuntu running on it, but I suspect KU doesn't
have sw for the tegra/ARM.

KDE is supposed to be working on a tablet OS etc.

I've been told the best tablet for linux is the 
Acer ICONIA TAB W Series
because it runs on an AMD x86,
and runs Windows  - W series  (not the A=Android series)
- thus it has the typical BIOS capabilities that Linux systems use,
instead of the Android os,
and thus is easier to get linux on than the Android os devices.

Is this true?  Anyone put linux on those?

Downside to those is , I think
1) more expensive,  - $500, fewer on sale.
2) less retail availability.

Any suggestions on how to get a linux distro onto one of these tablets?

All constructive suggestions appreciated!  :)
Thanks :)

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