[svlug] Font problem

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 04:17:48 PDT 2011

Hi all,
   I have a peculiar problem. Periodically, the fonts on the apps
`turn small'. By this I mean
that already running apps are not affected, but newly started apps
come up with very small
fonts on the menus/toolbars etc. This does not affect rxvt/xterm etc,
but does affect
mrxvt, and anything that uses GTK, including KDE apps.

   Logging out of Enlightenment and logging back in fixes the problem.

   Interestingly, the font sizes are set correctly. So even a 12 point
font looks tiny. This suggests
that there is a problem with the DPI settings: but I can't figure out
what to look for. Nothing unusual
happens when this behaviour starts

   I am running Debian Squeeze and use Enlightenment DR17, with Slim
as the login manager.
Here are a few settings:

sanat at fractal:~$ xdpyinfo | grep dimens
  dimensions:    1920x1200 pixels (1521x792 millimeters)
sanat at fractal:~$ xdpyinfo | grep resolu
  resolution:    32x38 dots per inch

sanat at fractal:~$ ps -edf | grep xfs
117       1526     1  0 Oct13 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/xfs -daemon
-user debian-xfs -droppriv

As far as I can tell things seem ok.

Any suggestions?


Sanatan Rai

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