[svlug] free/cheap tech-friendly venues for events?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Oct 13 13:50:24 PDT 2011

Quoting Sr. Tallam (SenorAjay at gmail.coM):

> Yeah I'm trying to make some HDojo connects currently that might be down to
> host us, so hopefully will figure that out soon.

You know, they're friendly people, so you might do well to just walk up
and chat with the people on duty.  My second-hand understanding is that
any paying member of Hacker Dojo is entitled to use the group's online
reservations system to reserve space for something worthy.  For example,
most months, Bay Area FreeBSD User Group meets there.

> Any other free/cheap venues folks know about? (Focused in SV or SF
> pref, but maybe oakland)

One inexpensive way to host a technical group, at least for a while, is
to find a pizza parlour or coffeeshop that has ample table space and low
enough ambient sound levels and not too much crowding.  You might even
find one with a back room that a group can reserve.  'Ware karaoke and
televisions blaring out sports contests.

I see from
that you're already talking about all this.  If you think that there's
an arcane secret to finding a fabulous and reliable free of charge
meeting venue, and all you had to do was ask SVLUG, sorry to disappoint

> Slight asides..  Who would i talk to for the potential of
> collaborating with svlug about putting on a joint event?

I'd suggest posting to volunteers at lists.svlug.org .

> Also, I'm looking at the Ubuntu LoCo CA pages and can't seem to find
> anything going on in the Bay Area.

has links to groups, albeit not a calendar.  They also link to the Linux
Documentation Project LUG HOWTO and the essay 'Recipe for a Successful
Linux User Group', but be warned that those are both maintained by some
scurrilous character I make a particular point of distrusting.  (Take my
word for it.)

Some folks maintain a Google Calendar, originally started by Bill Ward:

There's also BALE, maintained by the aforementioned scurrilous
character.  http://linuxmafia.com/bale/ 

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