[svlug] Bash for an 11 year old?

Jesse Monroy jesse650 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 11:16:12 PDT 2011

This is a decent online tutorial, with plenty of examples.
ebook and paperback available.



On 10/6/11, Bob Smith <bsmith at linuxtoys.org> wrote:
> I asked a neighbor's 11 year old kid if he wanted to help
> me build a robot.  What boy (less than about 80) could say
> no to that?
> The robot will be Linux based of course so I've given him
> an old single board computer with Ubuntu server on it.  It
> does not have a GUI or web browser so he can keep it in
> his bedroom. (VERY big if you're 11 and not allowed to have
> raw Internet in your bedroom.)
> His dad knows enough about Linux to help out but I don't
> want to burden him too much with teaching his son about Bash
> and the command line.
> So the question: can you recommend a beginning Linux book
> suitable for a bright 11 year old?  It does not/should not
> deal with the common Linux GUIs as these won't be on the
> final robot.  Something like "Bash for First Time Computer
> Users".
> thanks
> Bob
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