[svlug] Bash for an 11 year old?

Bob Smith bsmith at linuxtoys.org
Thu Oct 6 10:42:25 PDT 2011

I asked a neighbor's 11 year old kid if he wanted to help
me build a robot.  What boy (less than about 80) could say
no to that?

The robot will be Linux based of course so I've given him
an old single board computer with Ubuntu server on it.  It
does not have a GUI or web browser so he can keep it in
his bedroom. (VERY big if you're 11 and not allowed to have
raw Internet in your bedroom.)

His dad knows enough about Linux to help out but I don't
want to burden him too much with teaching his son about Bash
and the command line.

So the question: can you recommend a beginning Linux book
suitable for a bright 11 year old?  It does not/should not
deal with the common Linux GUIs as these won't be on the
final robot.  Something like "Bash for First Time Computer


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