[svlug] Updated Feb. 2011 slides and notes

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon May 16 20:04:24 PDT 2011

First, a nod and thank-you to SVLUG member Eric Palmquist, who kindly
wrote to me after my February lecture 'The Wild, Wild Web: Web Browser,
Security, Performance, and Privacy' to tell me that there _is_ a
maintained successor to the one Firefox extension I recommended that is
now a pain-in-the-ass to kludge into current Firefox releases, having 
been unmaintained for 3 years.

Thank you, Eric!

Eric also mentioned that some people might not be able to do anything
with LibreOffice (ex-OpenOffice.org) slide presentations, which is a
good point.  So, I've updated the slides + lecture notes to fix the
extensions reference, and at the same time furnished a PDF version 
of the slides.

All three files are downloadable from the SVLUG News links on the left
side of the http://www.svlug.org/ front page.

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