[svlug] disk repair

test ya darwalost at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 8 19:51:22 PDT 2011

I like to use testdisk and or ddrescue depending on the issue and the speed 
corruption/scratching. Testdisk is very simple if you know the location of the 
files. ddrescue is nice for imaging a damaged and or dieing drive as it can read 
backwards and reread an area over and over again getting as much data as you can 
so you can repair the disk at your leisure. Good luck.
Chris White

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Hi all,
i have a few hard disk malfunctioning. these are older disks and retrieving the 
data is less crucial (though would be nice), but when i connect them to my 
Linux, it says they report the wrong size. fsck, fdisk - all fail doing anything 
(that i know how to do) with them. even SpinRite says it cannot do anything with 

any idea on how to re-live them? as said, data on them is less important, but 
they are a Seagate 160GB and WD 80GB, and i would like to use them.

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