[svlug] Weird fan sounds

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 14:27:41 PDT 2011

On 20 August 2011 21:42, Bill Ward <bill at wards.net> wrote:
>  I have an Ubuntu Linux PC in my living room that seems to be running just
> fine, except for one thing - strange fan noises. Every couple of seconds it
> does a little "vroom" noise, then stops immediately, repeating regularly.
> Nothing in the log files indicates anything is awry.
> Is there some way I can do a diagnostic on the CPU temperature or something
> to figure out what's going on? I'm tempted to just buy a new computer and
> transplant its hard drives into that, since this one is a few years old
> anyway.

   I had the same issue with one of my machines: turned out that apache was
running. Turning it off sorted this out for me.

   I confess I didn't really try to figure out what it was that apache
was trying
to do that was making the fans rev up.

   At the risk of insulting you: perhaps it is a service that is
running unbeknownst
to you.


Sanatan Rai

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