[svlug] Which Xubuntu?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 24 12:14:58 PST 2007

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Skip Evans wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> Are you intending on replacing kate and konqueror with something else?
>> Installing those two will negate much of the benefits of using a
>> different desktop.  You'll still need pretty much all of KDE's
>> libraries, and you'll need many of KDE's background daemons running
>> behind Xfce's.
> Wasn't intending to. We like Kate for a code editor, but have used
> Bluefish in the past, though we do prefer Kate.
> We've also used gFTP instead of Konq, but it crashes a lot on our Debian
> boxes now, and I do prefer Konq.

Well, it's possible (likley?) that Debian has an older version of gftp,
and Edgy might have a newer version without the crashing problems.  I'd
be surprised if there weren't other choices, and you may find that
sticking with Konq on top of Xfce is fine for you.

> So would I be better off then, just loading Kubuntu and forgoing
> Xubuntu? I don't like the cluttered look of KDE and prefer a cleaner
> looking desktop.

I dunno; give it a try and find out, I suppose.  I do know some of our
users who mix KDE apps with Xfce, and they're reasonably happy, though
the KDE apps do usually look a bit out of place on a gtk desktop.  That
would bother me, but you and your people may not care.  (Do NOT use the
gtk-qt theme engine for gtk.  It's horribly buggy and often causes the
entire desktop to crash.)

A tip, though: if you decide to try Xfce and run KDE apps on top of it,
I'd suggest opening Xfce's Sessions and Startup settings panel, and
checking the 'Launch KDE services on startup' box.  It'll slow down the
initial desktop load a little bit, but KDE apps will start faster in
general (and you'll avoid some weird KDE-related race conditions we see
from time to time on KDE app startup).  If the option isn't there, it
means the Xubuntu packagers disabled it at compile-time.


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