[svlug] Firewalls and Internet Security

Dan Martinez dfm at razorwind.org
Tue Jan 23 19:41:41 PST 2007

Skip Evans wrote:

> Rick Moen wrote:
> > o  Keep the level of all of your defences at about the same height.
> Everything was excellent info/advice, but I don't
> understand what is meant by the above... "same
> height" ?

That it makes very little sense to pour energy and effort into making
just *one* defense extremely robust if you're not going to do the same
with the others. (See Rick's other point, "An attacker doesn't go
through security, but around it.")

To draw a real-world analogy, it makes very little sense to replace
your home's front door with something made of reinforced steel if your
windows remain single-paned glass. Would-be intruders won't waste time
trying to force the door -- they'll just heave a rock through the
window instead.


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