[svlug] Fluxbunut & Xubuntu

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Mon Jan 22 10:37:04 PST 2007

I meant that Xubuntu is maintained by the Ubuntu
team and that Fluxbuntu is not. That's what I 
gathered from my research anyway.

Rick, much thanks for all the info on your 
experiences with Xubuntu. And I think our 
definition of a "clean" desktop are much in line.

We used Ubuntu before, but I found things like 
bouncing mouse icons while waiting for an app to 
open far too reminiscent of a certain operation 
system I try to avoid.

I was searching at that time for a desktop less 
cluttered, more along the lines of the HP-UX and 
Solaris workstations I had used in the past at 
previous jobs. Something less glitzy and more 
"let's get down to work."

Thanks again for all the input!


Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 09:56:26 -0700, Skip Evans wrote:
>>Someone on the list suggested Fluxbuntu since I 
>>like the Fluxbox desktop, but then Koa, the sys 
>>admin, suggested Xubuntu and I believe, though I'm 
>>not certain, he said that this distro is 
>>maintained by the Ubuntu team, so it may be a 
>>better choice for that reason.
> Must have been a miscommunication. Xubuntu is maintained by the Ubuntu
> team; Fluxbuntu isn't.
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