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Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 15:56:35 PST 2007

Yes, a MoinMoin based publishing route would be ideal... RSS and all.

When new issues "go to press" I/we/someone can send a copy and/or URL to the
SVLUG announce list; a new/separate mailinglist doesn't seem necessary.

Chris, thanks for volunteering - I'll keep you in the loop as a co-editor
we'll see how things proceed... potentially I'll eventually just do a
"presidents corner" column and the rest will be run via volunteers; that'd
be awesome.

Bill Ward has mentioned (and I agree) that this could be a cross-lug effort,
with support coming from CABAL, EBLUG, PenLUG, even NBLUG and

:-) I'm liking the positive energy.  A community-published Linux newsletter
is a pretty compelling idea.

Thanks everyone!
-Paul Reiber
President, SVLUG
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