[svlug] Geek posters--inspiration for proto-geeks

Rick Kwan kwanrj03 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 30 17:52:25 PDT 2004

Joe Buck wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 02:06:58PM -0500, Jordan M. Johnson wrote:
>>I've been thinking I'd like to get some posters for the classroom I'm
>>teaching my computer classes in, and logically, I want posters of computer
> See
> http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Posters2/
> It's not quite what you want if you need professional-quality posters
> to hang in the classroom, but it's a start.

The Computer History Museum has a collection of images of
people and devices at:

BTW, I went by there a couple of months ago in the new
set-up, the old SGI headquarters on Hwy 101 and Shoreline.
(Apologies to people outside the Bay area; that's in
Mountain View, California.)  They now have much much much
more room than they had in the small warehouse at Moffett Field.

A free tour through "visible storage" took about an hour --
a real trip through memory (no pun intended) lane.  Very
well worth the time.

There is also a small store which I believe had a collection
of posters.  (Don't know if they correspond to the on-line

--Rick Kwan

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