[svlug] Next month's meeting - dinner site

ian maclure ibm1130 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 21 08:21:37 PDT 2004

	As some of you are aware, the usual venue for our post meeting 
	dinner has decided they don't want to deal with large groups
	except as small groups. Basically, if we push the tables
	together, everyone at the  touching tables goes on the same 
	While we could game their silly rules by leaving a few inches
	between tables I expect we'd find IHOP management changing the
	requirements to make that difficult as well.
	Best thing, absent IHOP climbing down would be to find another
	place to eat. 
	We could also maybe have the SVLUG executive send a letter to 
	IHOP on our [do we have one] letterhead asking them to 
	reconsider. Hell, I'd even volunteer to write it but for the
	fact I belong to the Rick Moen High Explosive Missives school
	when it comes to confronting the stupid and annoying.
	Its a pity that Garrison Keillor's mythical Association of
	Associations doesn't exist as that would allow some leveraging
	of our collective displeasure.


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