[svlug] DNS (was: mail from dynamic IPs)

szii@sziisoft.com szii at sziisoft.com
Fri Jun 18 09:50:33 PDT 2004

> As far as mail from dynamic IP's is concerned (and even static DSL
> addresses now, stupid RoadRunner,) the problem is going to get worse.
> Pretty soon you will need to use a smarthost somewhere for reliable
> delivery no matter what kind of DSL you have (business or whatever.) The
> zombie spam / email virus / worm problem that Windows has caused has
> pretty much drived mail administrators to insanity, and draconian
> measures.
> Windows insecurity and user apathy towards updates and security has
> really damaged email as a viable communications tool.

To be fair, it's the broken SMTP protocol which is the issue.  Windows
zombies/relays/spammers/viruii only exploit the problem of SMTP, not
cause it.


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