[svlug] LinuxWorld Expo LUG Booth

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jun 7 14:15:05 PDT 2004

LUGOD, the Linux Users' Group of Davis is working on getting a booth in
the .ORG Pavillion at LinuxWorld Expo once again this year
(it's in August, in San Francisco, if you somehow haven't noticed :^) )

I'd personally prefer to see this as a _LUG_ booth, rather than a
specifically-LUGOD booth.  Would SVLUG be interested in helping
to exhibit at LWE with us?  (I'll be asking all of the Bay Area and local
LUGs I'm involved in, of course!  And encourage you to pass this on to any
I might miss!)

Obviously, even if SVLUG (or any of the others) aren't _directly_ and
_officially_ involved, we're always happy to have help, and I'm always happy
to promote _all_ of the LUGs.  (e.g., if we meet someone from San Jose who
hasn't heard of SVLUG yet, we'll obviously be sure to point it out! ;^) )

Thanks in advance,

pr at lugod.org
Linux Users' Group of Davis

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