[svlug] _Possible_ old HW available (P5-MMX, Powermac, iMac)

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 2 14:08:18 PDT 2004

I need to clear this from above, but I've been told to get rid of them.

"Them" is a set of old computer hardware, 1996-1998 vintage.  Much of it
works, and would be suitable for firewall or similar light duty.  It's
getting scrapped June 10/11 if nothing else happens with it.

About 4 x86 Pentium MMX 233 MHz systems with 800 - 1.6 GiB HD, and
48-128 MiB RAM.  I get about 433 bogomips from these.

Seven iMacs, one tray-loader, the rest slot loaders, most of which have
been stripped of hard drives (which were all shot) and memory.  Suitable
mostly for parts or fish tanks.  They've had hard lives and are no
longer pretty.  Most of 'em did boot to at least a question mark or
error before I stripped the drives, but they're likely missing screws.

A few older PowerMacs.  6400 or 6500 (?), looks like 3-4 of these.  I
haven't assessed these.

Assorted monitors, mostly 15".  Suitable for a closet or console screen.

I'm in Napa.  If you want'em, you'll have to come get 'em, and I'd
prefer that they all went at once.  Please send me an email OFF-LIST
indicating your interest (note to LUGoDers:  your list's reply-to
munging will break my setting of that same value).

As I said up to:  I need to clear this from my managers, but I'd like
the HW to go to use if possible.  Given the schedule for removal I
thought I'd post a note here first.  So bear with.


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