[svlug] [svlug-announce] SVLUG Jun 02: Tom Fulton: An Introduction to Snort in a Linux Environment

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Wed Jun 2 10:46:45 PDT 2004

We're pleased to announce the next meeting of the Silicon Valley Linux
Users Group!  


  An Introduction to Snort in a Linux Environment


  Wednesday, 02 Jun, 7pm-9pm or so.


  Tom Fulton, Senior Systems Engineer, Novell/SuSE Linux

  Snort is an Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS).
   A NIDS picks up where a firewall leaves off, inspecting traffic
   for known attacks and anomalous patterns.
   It was described in an article on LinuxSecurity.com by Dave Wreski
   and Christopher Pallack as "a 'lightweight' NIDS in that it is
   non-intrusive, easily configured, utilizes familiar methods for
   rule development, and takes only a few minutes to install."


  Tom Fulton is a Senior Systems Engineer for Novell/SuSE Linux in
   San Jose.  Tom is also an SVLUG member and joined the SBAY Speakers
   Bureau which schedules speakers for SVLUG, BAFUG, PenLUG and LUGoD
   at the time he signed up to speak.
   He originally made this introduction to Snort IDS at Novell's
   Brainshare conference, and has been presenting the topic to
   several user groups.
   He will also talk about Snort IDS at the
   High Technology Crime Investigation Association
   in Washington DC in September.


Cisco Building 9 in Cisco's "Vineyards Conference Center".  This is at
Cisco Systems' East Tasman campus in North San Jose.

Usually we have only half of the conference center so you'll be directed
right or left once inside to the side where the meeting is.  Directions on
how to get there are listed at:


We've tried our very best for these directions to be accurate.  If you
have any improvements to make, please let our Web Team know!
web-team at svlug.org


Transit users: VTA reorganized the light rail lines on May 24, reversing
which trolleys stop and need transfers at the Baypointe station.  Trolleys
from Mountain View now end at Baypointe.  That's 1/2 mile from the meeting
location so you might prefer to just walk 2 blocks east on Tasman.  Otherwise
transfer to an "I880/Milpitas" or "Alum Rock" trolley eastbound one station
to Cisco Way.  Trolleys from downtown San Jose no longer end at Baypointe,
and can be taken without a transfer one station further to Cisco Way.

If you arrive with the peak of the crowd, there may be a small line
at the sign-in table.

After the speakers end their presentation there is usually a Q&A session,
time for job seekers and employers to meet, and often door prizes when
any are provided to SVLUG.  When the meeting is over people are encouraged
to chat a bit, but also to exit the building so Cisco can lock up.  Don't
worry, a lot of us go to dinner afterward so there's plenty of time to chat
outdoors or offsite.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you just can't get enough, a smaller group usually goes to IHOP at
Great America Parkway and Mission College Blvd in Santa Clara after the

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