[svlug] 2048x2048 && Sony DDM-2800

ian maclure ibm1130 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 1 10:02:00 PDT 2004

We recently took delivery of some used Sony DDM-2800 monitors at
work ( 25" square, 220V, 240lbs each )

In their original incarnation these things were used for Air Trraffic
Control applications. The video card used ran to $10K a pop ( thats
what? 2000 Starbuck's Lattes? ). We are trying to get away with 
something a little cheaper ( 3DLabs VP870 for one ) and I was wondering
if anybody had any experience with monitors of this type and resolution
under X. 

I say "under X" because we will probably have to run some apps
using Solaris ( and version 8 at that to add insult to injury ).

We've already talked to XiG about drivers ( they do but the 2048x2048
will cost mas dinero [$500 vs $140] or so ).

Any words of wisdom at all?


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