[svlug] Port 80 forwarding

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Fri Jul 30 13:12:33 PDT 2004

skip evans writes:
>I think I've determined now that my first suspicion was right. My ISP is not 
>including the domain name with the forwarded http requests. I did get the 
>BSD box hooked up straight to the internet, sans router, used a dialup 
>connection on another box to hit and got the same results. Whichever 
>DocumentRoot appears first in the VirtualHost blocks, hence the default, is 
>delivered back, regardless of which domain is used to issue the request.
>My question now is whether or not my ISP can even include the domain name in 
>the request.

How are they forwarding it to you?  Is it an HTTP reverse proxy, or
just routing the TCP packets?  If the latter, then you're up the wrong
tree and it's just a matter of getting your Apache config right (and
it looks right to me), but if it's the former that may be the problem.

The header you are looking for is "Host:" which all modern browsers
send as part of HTTP/1.1 (but old, and I mean OLD, browsers don't).
Maybe you can sniff the HTTP traffic and look for that header?

If your ISP is reverse-proxying the two domains to you, and can't
preserve the Host: header, then maybe you should have Apache listen to
different ports and use the port number in the VirtualHost config to
differentiate them...?


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