[svlug] Static IP address question

Vince Hoang svlug at ml.altern8.net
Thu Jul 29 10:39:15 PDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 10:12:48AM -0600, skip evans wrote:
> The local ISP provides wireless high speed and originally said
> a static IP was no problem. No he as backed off that and said
> he could use one of his own and simply forward port 80 requests
> to me. That's no good as I want my own mail server, etc, and
> need all the ports.
> Next he said he could take my server to his office (18 miles
> out of town) and plug it in there to a static IP.
> My question is, can't he just assign that static IP to me
> through the gateway on his subnet I am connected through now?

Offering to port forward or to colo your server at his office
seems like a lot more work than assigning a static IP.

Give him the benefit of the doubt in that he may not have a means
to provide you a static IP address at your premises with his
existing architecture.

In your prior posting, you mentioned you decided to work with
the more technical DSL broadband provider. Now think about how
helpful the less technical provider would be.


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