[svlug] sound card with an AM/FM radio?

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Sun Jul 25 11:58:22 PDT 2004

<quote who="David E. Fox">
> Depending on the URL, you could do a number of things. I've been
> bringing down Schickele Mix off of WPLN via mplayer --dumpstream for
> several months, via a cron job. Stopping the feed is easy enough,
> using 'sleep 3600'. Once I get the file complete, I then use
> mplayer & sox to convert it to a 44.1khz stereo wav, which I then
> import into Audacity to edit out some parts & burn the resulting
> to a CD.

He wants to listen to a live AM Radio broadcast at work, where
reception doesn't work.


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