[svlug] Silicon Valley Electronics Flea Market - Sunnyvale, Sat July 10

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu Jul 8 21:02:35 PDT 2004

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>Subject: [WVARA Chat] Sunnyvale Electronics Flea Market - Saturday, July 10
>Saturday, July 10
>Electronics Flea Market
>Second Saturday of each month, March through October.
>Located in north Sunnyvale near Moffett Field.
>Corner of C Street and 11th Avenue.
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Note: the directions on the www.asvaro.org web site say that photography
is prohibited because it's next to a sensitive military installation.

Indeed, to everyone's surprise, the flea market is held in the parking lot
adjacent to the "Blue Cube" (a.k.a. Onizuka Air Firce Base, which locals
during the Cold War would understand if you referred to it as "ground zero".)
This brings to mind a nightmare image of MP's trying to figure out how to
remove the film from my digitial camera. :-)  So I just don't bring it.

Well, that's what the web site says.  If there's been any military presence
at the flea market, it wasn't visible when I've attended at this location.

With that strangeness aside, we can thank employees of Lockheed Martin
for arranging this new home for the Silicon Valley Flea Market.  The old
location at Foothill College became unavailable this year because they're
building a parking garage in the lots where it used to be held.  So it
really needed a new home and these folks came through for us.

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