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Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 6 18:45:34 PDT 2004

ian maclure <ibm1130 at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 

> Ian Kluft wrote:

> > Well, there are no restaurants open late in North San Jose.  There are
> > few at all since it's an industrial-zoned area.
> 	Does it have to be SJ?
> 	We were, you will no doubt recall, once in the habit of
> 	repairing to Harry's Hofbrau in Mouton Vieux before it was
> 	condominiated. There's also Sunnyd... er -vale and Santa
> 	Clara as options although I have no idea what might be open
> 	at that hour ( beyond Korean Karaoke bars which would present
> 	their own challenges I'm thinking ).
> > I know some people disliked the Denny's in Milpitas (on 237/Calaveras
> > at Abel, near I-880) because they failed to line up enough staff before
> 	Well, it would be reasonably easy to get to.
> 	I wonder what their policy on groups is though.
> 	Remember these are the folks who were lawyered for requiring
> 	pre-payment from groups of minorities.

It's been awhile since I lived in the South Bay, but I used to like
Ken's 24 Hour Restaurant on El Camino Real, just north of the Mountain
View border.  Basic diner ambience (lots of booths), reasonable diner
food, heavy on the breakfast-style stuff (their specialty seemed to be
pancakes with mega-desert options).  I was impressed that they left the
coffee pot on the table for you.  If I remember right, they have an
attached bar, also.

This looks like a decent list of late night places: 

("Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi" actually has good italian food.)

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