[svlug] [svlug-announce] Tasman exit closed on I880 south, lots of transit changes

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Jul 6 13:31:53 PDT 2004

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Here are changes for drivers and transit riders coming to SVLUG on Wednesday.

If you're driving to SVLUG from the East Bay on I-880 south...

   The Tasman Drive/Great Mall Parkway exit from I-880 southbound is CLOSED
   from July 6-20.  They're finishing up the new "braided ramp" which
   untangles traffic from the Tasman and 237 ramps with a new bridge.
   (Traffic entering I-880 from 237 will go over traffic exiting to Tasman.)

   Detours (pick one):
   1) Exit to Calaveras Blvd (one exit earlier).  Then right on Calaveras,
      left on McCarthy, and right on Tasman.
   2) Exit to 237 westbound (two exits earlier).  Then exit 237 at Zanker.
      Then left on Zanker and left on Tasman.
   3) Exit at Montague Expwy (one exit later - use only if you miss the exit).
      Then right onto Montague westbound, right on Zanker, right on Tasman.

If you take transit to SVLUG or know anyone who does...

   Almost everything with transit has just changed - schedules and routes.
   It's because of the new light rail extension to Alum Rock (East San Jose)
   which is now open.  Trains coming from Alum Rock run directly to SVLUG.

   The SVLUG transit directions have been updated to reflect current routes.

   If you come via the light rail from downtown San Jose or Mountain View,
   the transfers at Baypointe were changed before last month's meeting.
   (From downtown SJ, you don't have to transfer at Baypointe any more.
   From Mountain View, Baypointe is now the end of the line and you'll have
   to transfer now.)  We mentioned this last month but have additional info:

   If you come from the East Bay, the connection from Fremont BART is easier
   now.  The VTA 180 Express buses from Fremont BART now stop at the new
   Great Mall light rail station.  Or if you take any bus routes to the
   Great Mall, here's info about transferring to the light rail there:

I hope this helps everyone get to Wednesday's meeting OK.  See you there!

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