[svlug] Re: Tools for finding similarities in source code

Bob Zeidman Bob at ZeidmanConsulting.com
Tue Oct 28 14:24:27 PST 2003

I have recently developed a plagiarism detection tool called CodeMatch and
it's available at www.ZeidmanConsulting.com/codematch.htm. There you can
download a fully functional demo for free or purchase a more capable version
of the program. The algorithm is described at
www.ZeidmanConsulting.com/codematch_algorithms.htm. I believe that my
algorithm is better than the currently available programs like Plague,
JPlag, YAP3, and MOSS, and I'll be publishing a paper about that soon. Those
algorithms use statistical comparisons and throw out important information.
My algorithm is really 5 different algorithms each looking at specific
lines, words and language structures.

The current version of CodeMatch doesn't support PHP but I can modify it to
support any language very quickly -- probably in a single day. The program
was designed to accept simple definition files for each new language. I've
made a decision, though, not to support any more languages until there is a
financial reason to do so (in other words, someone pays).

Bob Zeidman
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