[svlug] Desktop usage of Linux LVM.

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Sun Oct 26 01:04:42 PDT 2003

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 11:21:40PM -0700, Scott Hess wrote:
> Soo... I recently upgraded my main filestore at home from 2x60Gig to
> 2x120Gig, in RAID1 form.  And it occurred to me that, well, it's getting
> annoying to manage that much disk space.  So I was wondering about running
> LVM.  My understanding is that I could build a large RAID1 partition, then
> have LVM expose partitions for filesystems to live on.  My understanding
> is that, perhaps with some amount of annoyance, I can resize ext2/3
> filesystems nowadays, and LVM can resize and move the partitions, so in 18
> months when I get my 2x250Gig drives, I can just RAID1 them together, give
> the space over to LVM, tell LVM to move the data over to the new space,
> resize the partitions, resize the filesystems, etc, and everyone will be
> happy.
That's correct.
> OK, enough with the theory - has anyone done stuff like this in a
> low-volume situation?  What I find attractive about LVM is that if I want

The only thing I haven't done is move LVM data off a specific PV
or reduced a VG
(in other words, I've only grown VGs to more PVs)
But the other ones are supposed to work, although pvmove has a few race
conditions I hear.

> to change the space on my partitions mid-stream, I can do it without
> dredging up 2x the total disk space to temporarily park things, or icky
> partition table hacks.  What concerns me is that since I won't be using
> LVM all that often, I'll make a simple/stupid mistake and blow my data
> away.

I haven't had problems with recent LVM
(the old ones had "issues", like a VG not showing up at boot time)

In other words, you should go ahead

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