[svlug] Software for "filling in" PDFs

Piotr T Zbiegiel peter at usestrict.org
Tue Oct 14 02:12:04 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 07:30, Lisa wrote:
> Does anyone know of any software out there (libraries are
> prefered) for "filling in" PDF forms?  I need to, with one PDF
> form, fill in the blanks using information from a CSV file.
> Any ideas or suggestions?
> Lisa
Perl has a module PDF::API2 which can create and manipulate PDFs. 
Please note, I've only used it to create new documents and I don't see
anything in the POD about modifying or filling in PDF forms.  A quick
search on PerlMonks reveals one poster who used Win32::GUITest::SendKeys
to create a "script" of keystrokes to fill in a PDF form.  It spins up
Acrobat and everything:



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