[svlug] What are free (as in fine wine) linux friendly web email services?

Hereon hereon2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 23:10:41 PDT 2003

Yahoo email has a stated policy of emptying my "bulk mail" folder "once a
month".  Since that folder is now filling up w/ MS viruses in about 3 hours =
2 MBytes (I define 1 MB = 1050001 Bytes - "You get more bytes for your Mega
with Hereon!") of viri, and when it's full YMail kindly stops receiving
further legit email for me (TYVM), I know I have missed receiving some email.

I've done everything with YMail options I can think of, and can't find a way
to fix this.  I spent 20 min searching for a Y service email address - never
found one.  (Although, within 5 minutes I did find their phone #, street
address, and a helpful little map, in case I decicde to pay a personal visit
to their HQ!)  I emailed terry.semel at yahoo.com (he's the president, or
chairman, or some such) asking for help.  - Whoa!  No reply! [Maybe my inbox
was full when he replied.  :(  !]

Anyone know a free (as in fine wine) linux friendly web email service w/
reasonable TOS?  (Plusses for encryption abilities [both for sending to
someone, & ul & dl], & non web POP like dl access to my laptop.)

(I have had suggestions of fastmail.fm & hushmail.com so far - both look

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