[svlug] cdrecord and music

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Oct 8 14:56:11 PDT 2003

Sumeet Singh Parmar wrote:
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> From: Karl Larsen [mailto:k5di at zianet.com]
>         So today I tried cd-roast and it works fine but has the same
> problem. The copied cd-rom will play on my computer and our JVC multi cd
> player on the hi-fi system, but not on my Dodge. When I put it it comes
> out with a ERR on the screen.

   I have heard that it helps to set lower recording speed (you can do 
that easily in xcdroast). That should make cd readable even in mechanics 
that do not explicitly say that they support CDRs. I got some CDs from a 
friend that does that and they all play OK in my car while the CDs that 
I recorded on highest speed do not work well in my car (that, of course, 
is not a proof, there might be other factors - burner, CD itself)

   more aggressive options: lot of car stereos support cdr, cdrw etc. so 
if you plan to get a new stereo for the dodge look for that. another 
option is to get one of the mp3 players with 20+ GB HDs, you can put 
enough CDs there to last for even the long trips:-)


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