[svlug] seeking laptop repair recommendation

Joe Buck joe.buck at synopsys.COM
Tue Oct 7 14:50:39 PDT 2003

Yesterday I managed to knock my Dell Inspiron laptop off of a kitchen
counter while it was open.  The LCD display is now broken.  The computer
itself still works, and I copied all important data to another machine
via the wireless network.  The display is showing a rather cute pattern
that doesn't correlate at all with what the Linux desktop wants it to
display; my wife thought I had found a new screensaver.  Dell, needless
to say, isn't going to cover this damage.

I'm looking for advice on repair.  I'd prefer to take it to a local shop
that is Linux-friendly or at least Linux-tolerant.  Also, if anyone has
gone through something like this before, I don't have any experience
with the costs of replacing the LCD display or its components.  Is it
likely to be financially worthwhile?  (more than $500 probably means
that it is not).

"Local" here means Silicon Valley, since I see many svlug users who
evidently aren't in sv.


Joe Buck <joe.buck at synopsys.com>
Advanced Technology Group, Synopsys Inc.

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