[svlug] Missing /dev/eth0 file

Brandon Stafford brandon at mindtribe.com
Tue Oct 7 14:24:25 PDT 2003

>From Richard Sharpe:
> Use modprobe rather than insmod, it will load other modules that are 
> needed. 
> A depmod -a should have been done at some time, usually when you boot or 
> when you install a new kernel, to collect together all the module 
> dependency info.

    Unfortunately, modprobe mii results in the same error ("unresolved symbol . . . __netdev_watchdog_up . . .") as insmod.

    I have rerun depmod -a. It creates a new modules.dep file in the correct
location; however, it does not list mii.o as depending on any other modules
(if I am reading the file right-- it lists the path to mii.o, followed by a
colon and a blank line).

    Is it not strange that the words "watchdog" and "netdev" do not appear in
mii.c, yet mii.o allegedly has an unresolved symbol with those words in the
name? My understanding was that "unresolved symbols" were variables thought to
be defined in other modules or the kernel. In this case, I was guessing that
mii.c made reference to a variable called __netdev_watchdog, but the variable
isn't actually defined elsewhere, or at least modprobe doesn't know where. Is
this crazy?

Thanks for the patience and suggestions,

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