[svlug] Linux for my mom?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Oct 7 11:56:55 PDT 2003

Karsten M. Self writes:
>William R Ward (bill at wards.net) wrote:
>> Karsten M. Self writes:
>> >Given that she wants to change, in order, I'd look at:
>> Wants to change?  She doesn't know anything about this...
>Realize that you'll have to sell this.  I've been trying now for

No, I'm sure I can ram it down her throat if I decide to do so.

>In my case it's a bit harder in that parental units are 2000 miles away,
>making popping over the hill a downright attractive alternative.
>> >  - Lindows.  They've addressed this problem already.  $50 for a digital
>> >    package (no media), plus andother $50/year for their package update
>> >    tool.  Or you can cut over to standard Debian.
>> What does LindowsOS provide that is worth the $$?
>A nicely laid out desktop, rollout selection of applications and such
>which might be attractive.
>OTOH, if you are already familiar with the Debian way of doing things,
>and don't mind doing some tweakage as she ramps up to using the system,
>I'd think that the handrolled system is going to be more satisfying, and
>less frustrating for you.

Yeah, I agree.  I am still planning to look at Xandros but otherwise
I'm pretty set on a custom debian (stable) install.

>> ... She has a plan with her ISP that is cheap but
>> only has a limited # of minutes.
>If this is the case, then dialup updates aren't going to be recommended.
>I'm seeing 1-3 hour updates myself, on a nightly basis.   Granted you
>might back off to once a week, and stable vs. unstable makes a big
>difference.  Might be better to visit with a toted apt archive (laptop?)
>or use something like apt-zip to get a list of packages needing updates,
>which you would fetch back to her with removable media (CDR or USB pen
>drive would be my choice).

I'd have to be crazy to put her on debian unstable!!!  I use stable at
home, and the updates are reasonably few & far between.


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