[svlug] Missing /dev/eth0 file

Brandon Stafford brandon at mindtribe.com
Tue Oct 7 01:12:20 PDT 2003

Hi Rafael,
    I gave mii-tool a try, but it hangs, even if I just try mii-tool -V, which should just print the version number and exit. I assume this is because mii.o is not being loaded correctly, so mii-tool ends up off in the weeds.
    My hunch is that figuring out where the unresolved symbol in mii.o would normally be found is the key. I read through mii.c, but I didn't see any mention of "netdev" or "watchdog".

Still stumped,

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On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 12:36:44AM -0700, Brandon Stafford wrote:
> Thanks everyone (J C Lawrence, Sumeet Singh Parmar, Rafael Skodlar, and Nick Austin) for your suggestions. I have tried some, but not all of them. (In particular, I have not investigated devfs yet-- but I will.)
> Here is what I have figured out so far:
> 1. /etc/modules.conf correctly lists "alias eth0 8139too".

insmod 8139too
should work assuming your interface has that chip RTL (Realtek) I

> 2. There is an error message in the file /var/log/messages saying:
> insmod: /lib/modules/.../net/mii.o insmod eth0 failed

of course. mii-tool is a command to test ethernet interface I forgot to
mention earlier.

> 3. insmod mii fails with:
> unresolved symbol __netdev_watchdog_up_R10326283
> 4. ifup eth0 fails with the message:
> 8139too device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization

8139too should be under /lib/modules/kernel-version/kernel/drivers/net I

If you have a different then use it's corresponding driver.

> 5. ifcfg-eth0 exists, and contains what Greg Larkin says it should contain (he even guessed my IP, which is eerie).

That won't help until you install module for that interface.

> My conclusion thus far is that /dev/eth0 was never supposed to exist. "My kernel doesn't know about the NIC" because it is choking on the unresolved symbol in mii. Then the insmod of 8139too fails because it needs lots of symbols from mii. So maybe I am missing another module?

see above

> How can I figure out what module that symbol is from?
> Brandon

I'm sitting here completely surounded by no beer.

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