[svlug] Missing /dev/eth0 file

Nick Austin nick at digitalpipe.net
Mon Oct 6 13:56:54 PDT 2003

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The network devices do not live in /dev.

If you run "ifconfig -a", it will list all the devices the kernel knows 
about. If you do not see the device your expecting, try "modprobe 
<device driver>". If the modprobe fails, you should check dmesg and look 
for clues there about the failure.

You can also add "alias eth0 <device driver>" to the /etc/modules.conf to 
make this driver load everytime. Then run netconfig to set an IP and such 
on it.

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Brandon Stafford wrote:

> 	I have a RH 9 machine on which I have deleted the /dev/eth0
> file. (I believe this was kudzu's doing, but in any case, the damage is
> done, and trying to get programs to accept blame is notoriously
> difficult.) The result of this is that I cannot get ifconfig to bring up
> anything other than the loopback interface.
> 	My understanding was that a script called /dev/MAKEDEV can be
> used to recreate missing dev files. However, MAKEDEV tells me that it
> "don't know how to make device "eth0".
> 	When I look at files in /etc/sysconfig, many of them reference
> eth0, and they look healthy (I'd send samples, but I have deleted
> /dev/eth0 on that machine (it was kudzu!)).
> 	Any ideas on where to go from here?
> Brandon
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