[svlug] Disable / override meta-refresh?

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 6 03:22:17 PDT 2003

I'm looking for information on blocking or disabling the meta refresh

    <meta http-equiv=refresh content="<time in seconds>"; url="<target

I'm using (usually) Galeon 1.2.5, with a squid proxy.  Other browsers
(w3m, dillo) either ignore or allow overriding meta refresh.

I'm aware of Mozilla bug #83265:


I'm currently doing research on sites in which it's convenient to load
many pages and browse them at leisure offline.  However they reset at 30
minutes...  Gah!

Approaches I'm looking at:

  - Disabling or overriding meta refresh with CSS.  E.g.:  if I can set
    in an override value of '<heat death of the universe>' and '#', most
    of the worse abuses should be dealt with.  Or 'ignore'.  I can't
    find any obvious CSS selectors for this though....

  - An HTML proxy rewrite.  If I could simply 
        s/<meta http-equiv= *refresh[^>]*>//

    ...the problem would go away.  Any suggestions for a rewriting
    proxy?  There are a number of evils I'd like to fix....

    wwwoffl looks like it has an option to ignore meta-refresh.

  - A browser plugin.  Something that will block the action at the

Interestingly enough, it appears that MSIE actually has the option to
block meta refresh, while Galeon doesn't.  I'm shocked that there are
actually user-friendly features in MS that GNU/Linux browsers lack.

Anyone knowing where current Mozilla / Galeon / Firebird development is
headed -- this information is also appreciated.


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