[svlug] Question about RD Ram Hardware/Dell

James Leone LINUXCPA at netscape.net
Wed Oct 30 11:41:40 PST 2002

Hi lists,

I have a coworker that owns a pentium iv Dell at home with a dual rim. 
It came with 128 MB RDRAM x2 and AFAWK it should work in pairs. He 
recently ordered some  256 MB RD RAM to add to the two additional open 
slots, the only difference being the 128 v 256 MB and the fact that one 
set of chips  are ECC while the others are not. He did buy Dell RAM chips.

It didn't seem to work after the chips were installed.

Could this be a hardware problem?

Is there a special procedure he has to follow to get them to work?

If it is a compatability issue, any suggestions on how he could get his 
money back?

Thank You!

James Leone

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