[svlug] whois database seems to be incorrect

Justin Ryan justin at gnubian.org
Sat Oct 26 06:16:15 PDT 2002

> I don't see it as normal. Note that I did not use "microsoft.com*" but
> microsoft.com which worked some time back without all the garbage. I
> know products that use information from whois database which gets
> distorted with garbage like that. I'm surprized to see that whois
> servers would allow information on subdomains rather than domains only.

It seems you are somewhat misunderstanding the DNS hierarchy...

microsoft.com. is essentially a subdomain of com., so
microsoft.com.blows-me.org. is a subdomain of com.blows-me.org., which
is a subdomain of blows-me.org., which is a subdomain of org.

Make sense? :)

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