[svlug] Automounter

Kanchan Wadhwa kwadhwa at altera.com
Thu Oct 24 15:21:03 PDT 2002


I am new to the list and to linux. I have a SUSE linux installed on one of
the sparc processor. I am having difficult time getting automounter work on
it. I have /etc/auto.master referencing to maps in  /etc/auto/*.map files.
And .map files are making mount points to be in /net. I can see all the
mount points in /net but nothing beyond. Example, system magpie has two
mount points shared /usr1, /usr2. Idly I should be able to see them as
/net/magpie/usr1 /net/magpie/usr2 but I can see only /net/magpie and nothing
inside there. I am using  /etc/init.d/autofs script to start and stop

I also see the error message: mount table full. 

df gives me many entries with 

df: '/tmp/autofs-bind-######-#####/dir2': No such file or directory. (where
# represents an alpha-numeric character)

Any help is appreciated, 

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