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Quoting Nate Campi, from the post of Thu, 24 Oct:
> Weird. I just checked about a dozen woody and redhat 6.2-7.2 boxes (2.2
> and 2.4 kernels) and all of them had 8192, except for a couple I
> manually set higher and one rogue 2.2.17 kernel rh6.2 box with 4096.

it's not that I mind really. I'm happy to know I have enough... but it
looks like something on sid (and obviously on one RHL box) is changing

Muli, is that also something SysCallTrack would discover? :)

> I don't think it is dynamic. If you're interested in wild guesses:
> perhaps a package you tend to install on your hosts sets it according to
> some system params (mem, swap, cpu resources) and your hosts do have a
> sort of dynamic setting. 
> Like I said, wild guess. :)

very wild guess. I'm sorry to say my systems don't mutate into new
chipsets, grow more ram or extra disk space organicly. it could be cool

> > another question: bash sets by default a ulimit on forks of 1024 FDs
> > (ulimit -n 1024). is there a system-wide limit parameter I can increase?
> > we're running an Oracle cluster here and random nodes seem to run into
> > all sorts of limits, and crash in a very ungraceful way (nothing useful
> > in the logs). strace won't be very useful, as this happens only hours
> > into the stress test.
> Are you sure the limit it's hitting is file descriptors, and that the
> kids don't have the parent's setting? That setting should be inherited
> (I'm sure you already know this).

don't be so sure... I don't. I never really looked into ulimit. I knew
it was a way to limit a fork with the default being unlimited resources,
but now I see the default limit is 1024 FDs. what happens to a process
run from etc/init.d? should I change the default in its initscript? I

Oracle is not very good at leaving suicide notes...

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