Point of debate--> was Re: [svlug] Installing NVIDIA Drivers on RH 8.0

James Leone linuxcpa at netscape.net
Wed Oct 23 11:28:49 PDT 2002

I think the debate itself is more important than my opinion....

I am also wondering that if Linux in general is loosing users to Mac OSX.

Ok, assuming we do (yeah we might not...)

Which of the following alternatives (in a general sense) would we rather 

1. Signing hardware realted non-disclosure agreements only

2. Have more people use software that is subjectively more proprietary 
in general via OSX

James Leone

Greg Herlein wrote:

>>Why not just sign a not disclosure agreement and precompile the drivers 
>>for i386?
>Yes, that's what companies like NVIDIA and others do, and then
>provide wrapper code around the core binary to interface to a
>variety of kernels at compile time as well.
>But Ken wanted to know reasons why they would not open their
>source in the first place, so I was trying to explain some of the

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