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Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Tue Oct 8 00:06:55 PDT 2002

> > > > > Anybody have a backup solution they particularly like?

well, I just saw something called "cdbackup" on Debian, check this out:

Description: C1D-R(W) backup utility cdbackup and cdrestore are a pair
of utilities designed to facilitiate streaming backup to and from
CD-R(W) disks.  Specificially, they were designed to work with
dump/restore, but tar/cpio/whatever you want should work, so long as it
writes to stdout for backups and reads from stdin for restores.


Sounds primitive though. maybe anyone knows something smarter? maybe
a combo of AMANDA and slocate, where you ask for "locate
/home/ira/blah.txt" and it lists a list versions and on what
CDs/tars/medias they are on from which dates.

Haven't used Amanda in a while, I wonder if they allow now for chopping
down of large staging archives across several medias or manage some sort
of a smart backup-to-disk.


one word of warning about backups, remember it's better to use file
serializers like cpio or tar, and avoid dump. other than the fact dump
is OS and FS specific, there are apperently major problems with using it
on 2.4 with all it's caching features, and I'd imagine journaling
filesystems mae it even more problematic. read this from Linus:


AMANDA warns about this too (scroll to about the middle of the page)

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