[svlug] RedHat 8.0 upgrade related

Tim tim at tetro.net
Mon Oct 7 18:05:59 PDT 2002

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 04:48:38PM -0700, Alex A. wrote:
> I am using loadlin.exe on small DOS partition (hda1) to load linux on
> my secondary drive (hdb). 

You don't have to have the kernel on the same disk as the boot sector.
When I first heard about Linux, I bought a second hard disk, and I was
afraid to touch my primary hard disk, so I would boot using a floppy.
Lilo would be executed off the floppy when booting, but it would load
the kernel from my root Linux partition on /dev/hdb1.  So the slow
access time of the floppy wasn't a problem since not much was being read
off it.

Basically in your /etc/lilo.conf, you have (among the other stuff)
something like this:



Assuming /dev/hdb1 is your root Linux partition, and the kernel you want
to boot is /boot/vmlinuz.

   - Tim

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