[svlug] USB Scanners?

Michael Madore mmadore at blarg.net
Sun Oct 6 00:39:13 PDT 2002

I have an Epson Perfection  610 which works great with Linux.  I don't 
know if they make it any more, but you can see if some of the newer 
models are also supported.  Here is a link to the Epson specific backend 



Ed Cates wrote:

>Howdy folks!
>Any recommendations on scanners for Linux?  I need to buy one, but the last 
>time I walked into the store (Fry's and Best Buy) with a SANE compatablility 
>list, nothing matched.  I was wondering if anyone knew of any scanners that 
>work well?
>And of course, USB isn't a _necessity_, but we all know it would beat a 
>parallel, and I don't have SCSI on my home system.
>Thanks much!
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