[svlug] [cisco] minicom to devfs parallal port?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Fri Oct 4 10:47:50 PDT 2002

At Fri, 4 Oct 2002 it looks like Dan Martinez composed:

> I'm a little confused about the router side of things, though. What
> interfaces does the router offer for management? What "transceiver" do
> you speak of? If the router's got an Ethernet management port, I'd
> just use that.

Well I got a few Cisco Routers here that had the "root" password
lost and I have restored two so far by accessing the routers
through the con port with a BREAK (think_solaris) interrupt.

The one problem I had with Linux (Mandrake-9.0) is that the
<CTRL>+<BREAK> keymapping didn't get translated correctly via
"minicom" so I rebooted into win2k and hyperterminal translated
the <CTRL>+<BREAK> just fine so I had to hack the passwords via
the win2k box via Hyperterminal.

The routers are off line and sitting on my desk. I voluteered
for the job here at work.

I've been taking the Cisco course anyway so what the hell, had
to dive in at some point and give my best shot.

>     http://keyspan.com/products/usb/USA19W/

Yes, I'm getting ready to order one know..

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