[svlug] Debian Question (actually 2... well ok 4)

Rafael Skodlar,,, raffi at linwin.com
Wed Oct 2 15:01:34 PDT 2002

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 02:40:30PM -0700, Ira Weiny wrote:
> Ok, I have had many people tell me the wonder that is Debian.  (That and their
> good support of alternate platforms...) So I figure I should give it a try.
> I have 2 questions regarding getting and installing it.
> 1) My wife wants a new box so I figured it would be easy to download the iso
>    images and install from those burnt to disk...  Well after a bit of fooling
>    last night I ended up with "jigdo" installed on my system and no CD images.
>    Got tired went to bed.  2 questions from this.

Jigdo is a tool to download images not necessarily in one session. I
used it to download Debian ISO which was then used to install Debian

You can download a set of floppy images and install it that way. Debian
installs minimal OS first and the rest could be downloaded from the net
or CDs. In that respect Debian installation method is supperior over any
other I know of.

>    a) I am assuming I point jigdo to one of the *.jigdo files on one of the
>       Debian mirrors and it will download the iso image for me?


>    b) failing "a" could I just do a standard iso download?  The Debian website


>       implied that jigdo is the wave of the future and I should be using that
>       for all my downloading needs.  What are your guy's thoughts on this?
> 2) If "1" succeeds and Debian is truly all it is hyped to be.  Is there a way
>    to convert from a RedHat/source built based distribution to a Debian one?

There are tools to convert pachages back and forth but why do you need
that when most stuff either comes in source or in original packages for
each distribution.

Yes, there is a lot of hype for each distribution.

> Thanks,
> LinuxPPC user at heart, Ira Weiny
> iweiny at acm.org


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