[svlug] Re: ISP for local non-profit org

George Georgalis georgw at galis.org
Wed Oct 2 06:03:31 PDT 2002

You might like http://hostonfly.com
*I haven't used them yet* but they will get their sign up and control
panel website working with all browsers real soon now.

hear is the deal, free setup, free initial use, pay per Gb transfer
or if you want root access. pay $5 a month.

those are the minimum, more resources cost more. you get a cluster based
virtual private machine. for a root account, you get 32Mb and 200Mhz of
resources on a virtual BSD system. (is that a slice of a cluster??:)

Seems like a deal to me (I guess it works). They have locations in CA
and NYC.

// George

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 02:13:12AM -0700, Rick Kwan wrote:
>I'm one of the webmasters for a local non-profit professional
>society.  We're making plans to move from our current ISP, based
>on the east coast, to someplace where not so many hops are required.
>(Website is at http://www.aiaa-sf.org)
>For me, the current environment is weird because I can't run "w"
>(segfaults) or "ps" (complains that /proc must be mounted) or "who"
>(permission denied).  I just got through complaining about their
>mail forwarding not working.  (It does now, but it had been forwarding
>to addresses I removed two months ago.) Running "uname -a", I find
>the ISP has us on Linux 2.0.36, and libc.so links to
>Most of the webmaster recruits are not computer science folks;
>rather they are professional aerospace engineers.  They talk
>"instrument landing approaches" and "wingtip vortices" to me, and
>I talk "secure sockets" and "PDF with embedded fonts" to them.
>(I seem to have them at a disadvantage. :-)
>Rather than list here what I'm looking for, I've posted it to
>If you have referrals of ISPs, or criticisms of my methods or
>wishlist, please send them to me at newsletter at aiaa-sf.org.  Or if
>you're an aerospace person at heart, but enjoy webhacking, you can
>contact me too.
>BTW, in spite of our string of ISP troubles, our site is the envy
>of the entire national organization.  (And I don't even use Front
>--Rick Kwan, AIAA SF minister of propaganda
>   and resident computer scientist
>   rick.kwan at lightsaber.com (and newsletter at aiaa-sf.org)
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