[svlug] firewall config for cisco-1720

Gary Lin glin at employees.org
Wed Oct 2 01:31:37 PDT 2002

The best place to search is Cisco's website.  They have IOS commands 
well documented.  What you are describing sounds like you need to tweak 
the inbound access-list attached to the interface connecting to outside. 
  So, when you search for the document, look for commands related 
access-list.  If you still need help, you could give me an example of 
your router config (do a "show run") .  Hope this helps.

-- Gary

Alex A. wrote:

>Hi, everyone!
>Does anyone know good places on the web where I can find information about cisco-1720 router firewall configuration. In the mean time I have to shut one security hole for one small company in SF (I can telnet to the router from outside and this is not acceptable). I know how to set linux firewalls, but never played with cisco routers. May be someone can just provide me with command set I should use at console to shut off telnet access from outside. IOS version is 12.1
>Thanks in advance !!! 
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