[svlug] kernel 2.4.2 and high load = machine freezes?

Mark Symonds mark at symonds.net
Thu Mar 29 19:36:02 PST 2001

David Madison said:
> I can make this happen repeatedly on a 2.2.18 if I only have a small
> amount of mem left and I do a Netscape (4.7) "Find" on a large file,
> but for me it only lasts a minute or two.
> I always figured it was because the system was thrashing, I'll bet
> you have the same problem considering the cause (xv thumb) you saw.

This sounds very similar to problems I was having on an 
older machine (P100) with lots and lots of processes. 
Typically you'll get alot of entries "VM: do_try_to_free"
messsages in your logs when this happens.

The solution on 2.2.14-18 kernels is to apply Andrea Arcangelis 
patches, more info is here:




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