[svlug] display is set to :3 but Xlib connects to :0

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Mar 28 14:45:01 PST 2001

Erik Steffl writes:

>   when I use startx -- :2 everything works fine, X server starts, I can
> start clients that connect to that server etc...
>   however when I use the following command line:
>   startx -- -depth 16 :3
>   I get following error messages:
>  jojda:/etc/X11# echo $DISPLAY
>  :3
>  jojda:/etc/X11# atlantis 
>  Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
>  Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
>  jojda:/etc/X11# 
>   however the atlantis runs on correct server, it's just that I get Xlib
> error message.
>   another symptom is that I get periodic messages on the screen where I
> started X saysing the same (Xlib cannot connect to :0.0) and window
> manager does not start, even though it starts fine when not specifying
> -depth 16.
>   the -depth 16 seems to be working fine, when I don't specify it I
> don't get DRI (and 24 bpp) and when I specify it I get DRI (it says so,
> I wasn't able to test it yet)
>   that's with debian testing, XFree86 Version 4.0.2, kernel 2.4.2
>   I guess it is somehow related to DRI, since it's only enable in 16
> bpp...
>   any ideas? TIA.

Maybe something is being parsed wrong; you could try

startx -- :3 -depth 16

I actually think this is the problem, because when I for example

startx -- -bpp 16 :3

I get errors about the window manager not being able to connect to
:0.0, but when I

startx -- :3 -bpp 16

it comes up right away, just fine.

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